miércoles, 20 de enero de 2010

My name's Selena

Hi, boys and girls. I'm a girl from Andratx. I'm twelve years old but I'm very tall. I'm not fat, I'm slim. My hair is black and curly. My eyes are blue like the sea. I'm 1'60 metres tall and my weight is 55 kilos. I've got a brother and a sister. Have you got brothers or sisters?. It's very interesting to have a sister because you can speak to her and tell her important things. My sister is sixteen and my brother is eighteen. My sister, Sara, is very beautiful. I'm not so beautiful. My brother is very handsome too. He hasn't got a girlfriend, but he likes a girl called Kate. Have you got boyfriends? or girlfriends?.
In Andratx the weather is good today. It's cold but sunny. I prefer sunny days but we haven't got always sunny days. Some days rains a lot and you can't go out. I don't mind because I like to stay home, I watch television or I read a magazine or book. I like reading a lot. Do you like reading? Reading is very good for your minds. It helps you a lot when you have to speak, read, or study.
I hope to read your letter soon. Yours x x x

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